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Who is she?

This page will contain information about Lauryn outside of her relevant and otherwise discussed education and work experience.

It will convey why she has a unique perspective and is the right choice for clients whether they are interested in hiring her as a personal chef, an herbalist, or cannabis educator (or a combination of the three).

It will also show her personality and demonstrate her character, values, and work ethic.


Lauryn: Not "Just" A Chef, Cannabis Educator, & Herbalist

I'm fairly recent transplant to Eugene from Fargo and still feel like I'm putting down my roots, but I've made myself a nice little community here.

I'm a single mom with chronic health issues but I try not to let it slow me down too much. I help my body stay moving with the help of cannabis, a few medicinal herbs, & wholesome foods + yoga, massage & chiropractic care.

Social justice is *super* important to me and I try to be inclusive of oppressed people of all shapes, colors, sizes, abilities and orientations. I don't tolerate punching down (especially when it's done by white feminists in the name of gender equality).