Olfactory Hues Herbal

Whats with our name?


It is Synesthetic

There is a phenomenon called synesthesia, which according to Scientific American, "is an anomalous blending of the senses in which the stimulation of one modality simultaneously produces sensation in a different modality" which leads those experiencing it to "see colors, feel sounds and taste shapes." 


I got the idea when…

I was listening to the song Lawn Boy by the band Phish trying to come up with a name for the business I was dreaming of starting. I didn't have a plan or really know anything about what I was doing or where I wanted to end up. I was looking for inspiration & found it in the words of Anastasio and Marshall: Olfactory Hues.

Food, cannabis, and herbs all have a few things in common - one being that we enjoy them primarily through taste. The receptors in our body that we use for taste and smell are quite similar and smell plays a huge role in our perception of taste. Sometimes when you smell or taste something it can take you back to a far away time and place. Often, because smell is our sense most closely linked to memory it can be quite overwhelming.

Example: while studying in Amesterdam one semester I used almond oil soap which I cannot use to this day - 12 years later - without momentarily being temporarily back to my traveler's loft feeling like I was unstoppable and on the verge of everything as a soon to be graduate. I can see the blue of the tiles on the counter and the rust bleeding into the enamel of the sink. It is a whole experience and I am literally swept away to a very positive memory.

Its just those kinds of things that the blending of my three passions can evoke - a transformation through the senses. I strive to provide that for my clients through food, cannabis, and medicinal herbs.

"I’m soon overwhelmed by olfactory hues"